VEEV is formally registered with the English Speaking Board

Posted on 15 April 2015
Since April 2013, Veev Interactive (Veev) has been a registered institution of the English Speaking Board (ESB), the leading national awarding body in the United Kingdom for oral English language qualifications. As an endorsed organisation of the ESB, Veev is authorised to conduct assessment and perform evaluations on students enrolled in its preschool centres.

What is the role of the ESB?

The ESB offers a range of qualifications that focus on English language communication skills. Recognised and aligned to the National Core Curriculum requirements, these qualifications equip learners with the necessary communication skills to excel at school, college and the workplace.

So what does this mean for your child?

When it comes to English language communication and interaction, children tend to struggle when they are required to express themselves orally. This is often due to shyness and lack of confidence in speaking. Veev’s International Preschool Programme is designed to address these weaknesses and help students achieve fluency by overcoming their fear of speaking and correcting their pronunciation. Upon completion of the Veev’s International Preschool Programme, students will receive ESB qualifications, which certify their competencies in spoken English. This will create more opportunities for the future and make these students eligible for admission in overseas academic institutions in the UK and worldwide.