Every child has their own unique set of skills that can be honed with the right support systems and guidance.

What is Enlighten
Elite English?

Enlighten Elite English is a collaborative learning system that uses cutting edge technology to enhance English language competencies. Based on the International Baccalaureate framework and registered to the English Speaking Board, it combines a holistic approach to language learning and an exciting range of interactive resources to create a truly memorable English language experience. Catering to students from ages 3-12, students who have completed the Enlighten Elite English programme move on to receive certificates that will enable them to receive admission in overseas institutions.

The Enlighten Elite English Advantage
  • Offers a blended learning approach
  • Helps students develop confidence in their spoken English
  • Offers a complete learning ladder that gives students an overseas education experience and certifications
Our English learning programme caters to students of all learning levels from ages 3-12. Using the latest collaboration and play-based technologies, the Enlighten Elite English programme targets a broad spectrum of learning areas to support the holistic development of children:
language pict

Language and literacy

numeracy pict


discovery pict

Discovery of the world

creativity pict

Creative expression

character building pict

Character development

Child-Centred Learning

By combining the proven early childhood theories of developmental psychologists Jean Piaget, Lev Vygotsky, Dr. Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory, as well as best practices for early childhood development, Enlighten Elite English encourages children to expand their horizons and learn through the following modes.
Learning Made Current


The way children make sense of their world and teach themselves.
Learning Made Personal


A variety of sensory resources to cater to different learning styles.
Learning Made Personal


Tools that engage, connect and empower the digital generation.
Fostering the development of critical skills and encouraging students to become global thinkers

Technology for a Digital Age

Enlighten Elite English offers an advanced learning system that blends technology with time-tested learning methodologies to create immersive learning environments that truly surpass the physical limitations and boundaries of conventional classrooms.

Enlighten Elite English features a hybrid learning system, an all-in-one solution with a comprehensive array of digital content and applications, highlighted by a multi-screen setup with touchscreen and motion-sensing features that seamlessly blends 3D-animated characters and the surroundings together for the classroom.
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Complete with an extensive collection of interactive thematic content, learning is transformed into an exciting experience for both young learners and teachers.
vip system

Assessment and Accreditation

As a solution aligned to international standards, Enlighten Elite English creates unparalleled opportunities for your child’s future and serves as a platform for learners to gain entry into Primary schools and academic institutions abroad.

Enlighten Elite English is a member of the English Speaking Board (ESB), the regulatory body and authority that administers and awards English language qualifications internationally, to offer the Board’s assessments and provide quality assurance. Assessment is routinely carried out by board officials and examiners to evaluate competencies in spoken and written English.
Leaner Profile
Leaner Profile

Customised Learning for Schools, Support for Teachers

VEEV works closely with schools to provide customisation and support in the use of our learning programmes and solutions, including face-to-face and online training, curriculum frameworks, teacher guides and lists of resources.