Learning Philosophy

In today’s digital age, education has evolved to provide learners with an abundance of learning opportunities because information is accessible on demand. At Veev, we believe in cultivating quality learning opportunities that transcend the transfer of information and spark positive outcomes.
Learning Made Current


The Veev learning experience is designed with a facilitated learning approach, aided by the purposive use of technology. This is what sets us apart as we constantly innovate and craft each programme to bring forth an unparalleled learning experience.
Learning Made Personal


We believe that by integrating the best of technology with proven educational approaches and methodologies, we can create an individualized and self-directed approach to instruction, uncovering our learners’ unique strengths and abilities. As an extension, we value the benefits of contextual learning that is a result of customised learning solutions.
Learning Made Personal


Our learning programmes are designed to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills necessary for global citizens of the 21st century market place. Literacies have expanded to not just encompass the acquisition of knowledge but also the proficiency to make sense of this knowledge.
We believe each learning journey starts with a moment of brilliant insight and comprehension that stays on with the student. At Veev, we strive to bring these moments to every learner so that learning is made authentic; learning is made amazing.

PRESCHOOL (ages 3‑6)

Learn about the Veev International Preschool programme, which is anchored on an acclaimed international curriculum and caters to all preschool levels from Nursery to Pre-K and Kindergarten. Through employing advanced learning technologies, this programme targets a broad spectrum of learning areas from language and literacy to numeracy, discovery of the world, creative expression and character development to support the holistic development of children.

Primary Level

PRIMARY LEVEL (ages 7‑12)

Explore our interactive digital resources and instructional lessons across English, Chinese, Mathematics and Science subjects crafted for primary school learners and teachers, designed and written by our educational experts based on the Cambridge International Syllabus.


SECONDARY LEVEL (ages 13‑16)

View our interactive digital resources and instructional lessons across English, Chinese, Mathematics, Science, Geography and History subjects designed for secondary school learners and teachers, created by subject experts based on the Cambridge International Syllabus.

Learning English


Learn about our exciting English learning resources and technology offerings for students of all ages, based on the internationally acclaimed Cambridge English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) syllabus and examinations, recognised by more than 15,000 employers, universities and government bodies. Our carefully crafted lessons and interactive resources enable teachers to deliver high quality language learning and progress for non-native English speakers.



Find out more about our wide range of educational programmes that provide teachers around the world with opportunities for career advancement and professional development. Veev is an authorized centre of the English Speaking Board (UK) and institutional member of the College of Teachers.

Partner with us

In addition to our learning programmes, we also work with governments, schools and commercial partners to produce tailor-made materials for specific curriculums and markets. If you are interested in collaborating with Veev, please contact info@veev.tv