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Veev for Secondary Years

Veev for Secondary years delves deeper in the learning of advanced concepts and encourages higher-order thinking. Our interactive digital resources and instructional lessons cover English, Chinese, Mathematics, Science, Geography and History subjects to cater to secondary school learners typically from ages 13 to 16 and their teachers. We deliver high quality digital educational programmes which provide a strong platform for students to progress from one stage to the next, well-supported by visually stimulating video lessons, tests and discussions, preparing them for a smooth transition to advanced study.
Designed and written by our educational experts, Veev for Secondary years offers schools high quality curriculum-based education content. Aligned to international syllabuses and standards, our education content is appropriate, relevant and culturally sensitive. Our learning resources help to:
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Strengthen students’ knowledge of key concepts and principles for core Secondary level subjects.
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Promotes critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity while building on mastery of core content and knowledge.
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Prepares students for examinations through various forms of assessment.
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Enhances teachers’ instructional delivery and lesson planning.
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Supports flipped classroom, and focus on interaction and discussion during lesson time.
Delivered through a customisable multi-platform learning management system and resource repository, we partner with the world’s best, such as BBC Motion Gallery to provide a spectrum of interactive videos and educational materials. Each topic and video lesson is embedded with a comprehensive set of tools and interactive components that are designed to enrich the learning experience. From hotspots to quizzes and advanced navigational functions, these elements promote further engagement and allow learners to immerse in a vibrant space conducive for learning.
Making learning amazing through use of technology, anchored in educational objectives

Technology for Deepening Students’ Learning at School or at Home

Anchored in educational objectives, Veev’s solution for Secondary years boasts a customisable learning platform and wealth of interactive resources which complements a range of teaching methods and curricula. Veev partners with schools and teachers to deliver learner-centric, innovative educational solutions through infocomm technologies (ICT) for use within and beyond the classroom.

Developed with the support of the Singapore Media Development Authority, our learning platform for delivery of content is accessible by users through multiple formats including PCs, mobile platforms and Cable TV. Complete with Web 2.0 functionality and seamless integration with other learning and content management systems, our platform enables collaborative learning and encourages users to share their knowledge, feedback and methods with user generated content.
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Customised Learning for Schools, Support for Teachers

Veev works closely with schools to provide customisation and support in the use of our learning programmes and solutions, including face-to-face and online training, curriculum frameworks, teacher guides and lists of resources.