Teacher Training

Veev is committed to teachers. We believe that teachers are instrumental to helping students discover their talents and inspiring them to achieve their fullest potential. By equipping teachers with the most advanced tools and resources as well as nurturing their professional development, we hope to contribute to raising the quality of education across schools around the world.
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Teaching with Technology

Designed by teachers for teachers, Veev’s wide range of K-12 educational programmes and innovative teaching resources bring subjects to life, leave lasting impressions upon students, and facilitate classroom delivery through the use of technology. Veev works closely with schools and teachers to provide dedicated training and support for teaching with technology.
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Professional Development for Teachers

Over the years, our passionate team of educators and instructional designers has established a proven track record and repertoire in training projects that reflect the latest educational trends and methodologies. As an institutional member of the College of Teachers and authorised centre of the English Speaking Board (UK), we offer programmes that provide teachers with opportunities for career advancement and professional development.

Veev’s customised training programmes, that effectively coach teachers in the application of modern teaching practices and methods, have been conducted and well received in various Ministries of Education and schools around the world.

Case Studies

Thailand Ministry of Education
Veev designed and conducted an English ESOL training programme for Primary and Secondary school 60,000 teachers in Thailand for the purpose of improving English language communication in learning environments and upgrading pedagogical delivery in core subjects. These training sessions were also delivered through a new media platform that was designed and developed by Veev.
Kazakhstan Ministry of Education
Veev designed and conducted an English ESOL training programme for teachers in 1000 schools under the Kazakhstan Ministry of Education. Training sessions were undertaken in computer labs using the latest technology, with a strong emphasis on improving the English language proficiency of non-native English speakers.
Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools
Veev designed and conducted a new media and instructional design training programme for 30 representatives of the Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools, an established network of elite schools founded for gifted students in Kazakhstan. The purpose of this programme was to enhance competencies in new media instructional design and promote professional development.
BPK Penabur International School
Veev organized and conducted Cambridge International diploma training courses for teachers of the BPK Penabur International School to enhance pedagogical competencies and ensure compliance with International School standards.

Customised Learning for Schools, Support for Teachers

Veev works closely with schools to provide customisation and support in the use of our learning programmes and solutions, including face-to-face and online training, curriculum frameworks, teacher guides and lists of resources.